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Haunted Houses aren’t always as you imagine them to be. There are plenty of beautiful, historical and haunted homes across the country or even the world that doesn’t give away the secrets of what lies inside from the exterior! From New Orleans to New York City, if you are looking for a home for sale that comes with … a little extra character, these may be the homes for you!

Click on the photo’s below to view a full listing on each of the homes mentioned! 

The Campbell House

1155 N River Blvd. Wichita, Kansas

The Campbell House in Kansas is an authentic reproduction of a Scottish Castle. This home is so authentic that it was built with castle ruins throughout Europe, supposedly how this home became haunted. With a whopping 11,404 sqft, 16 bedrooms, and 15 bathrooms the current residents ran the home as a bed and breakfast before listing the property in 2013!


The Charming Forge Mansion

274 Charming Forge Rd. Womelsdorf, PA

This 7 bedroom, 4.5 bathrooms, 7,821 sqft home was built in 1782 and features Philadelphia quality woodwork in every room of the home! There are several stories of untimely deaths throughout the centuries on the property and is also been rumored to have been built on a Native American burial ground! 


The Schweppe Mansion

405 North Mayflower Rd. Lake Forest, IL 60045

Located on Lake Michigan this home features 12 bedrooms, 11.4 bathrooms, 11 fireplaces, 425 feet of lakefront and so much more! Designed by Frederick Wainwright Perkins for his daughter and new husband in the 1900’s this home was also the place of misfortune for that family as both individuals lost their lives in this home. 


Villa Paula

5811 N Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33127

Built in 1925 this building was originally the home of the Cuban Consulate, Senior Don Domingo Milord, and his wife Paula. The home was later renamed after Paula due to her untimely death from complications during a leg amputation.


Frank Shaver Allen House

608 Morgan St. Joliet, IL 60436

This home was beautifully designed by renowned architect Frank Shaver Allen in 1887. With 3,200 sqft home features 5 bedrooms, limestone exterior and detailed woodworking throughout. The home also supposedly comes with three spirits: an elder woman, a mischevious child, and their nanny. 


The Pillars Estate

13800 W County House Rd. Albion, NY 14411

This Civil War home features 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 5 fireplaces and several Civil War aged spirits that occupy the home! Boasting with charm and history this grand home is not lacking character!


Hampton Lillibridge House

507 E Saint Julian St. Savannah, GA 31401

This 1796 Landmark Property features 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 4,606 sqft and a dozen or so ghosts that roam the halls! Oh, and did we mention the ancient crypt constructions works on the reconstruction project uncovered?


The Dakota

1 West 72nd St New York, NY 10023

The Dakota is a complex with Multi-Million dollar apartments that are situated amongst the New York skyline. Within these walls not only does the Crying Lady Ghost reside but also where the murder of John Lennon occurred. Lennon’s ghost widow, Yoko Ono, has reportedly seen playing the piano.


Constance Street House

1447 Constance St. New Orleans, LA 70130

Built in 1852, this Greek Revival style home was abandoned by its owner during the Civil War as the Union forces began to take over New Orleans. Later two Confederate soldiers reportedly took their lives in the attic of this home to avoid further humiliation. Many individuals have reported hearing the soldiers chatter echoing throughout the home!




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